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Beautiful is an understatement for this piece. I highly respect the artist as he is not only extremely talented and wise, but very easy to work with as well. As soon as it came in I was so eager to set it up in my room. It brings much peace and unity to my surroundings and I could not be happier. Will definitely buy again! Much love.


An amazing piece of artwork here, transcendent in nature. The more I look at it the more I learn about the nuisances and complexities interwoven into the scene. The Gates of Atlantis is sure to bring me an aura of positivity and to new horizons in terms of spirituality and well being.


Colors are rich and vibrant. Excellent quality. I am very pleased with this tapestry, Thank you so much!


Extremely vibrant and calming. Purchased this tapestry for meditation. It is very powerful. I can’t wait to see where it takes me next. Highly recommended. I plan on purchasing many more in the future for myself and as gifts.


I have purchased tapestries from numerous vendors over the years and these are by far the highest quality material and prints I’ve ever received. The level of detail is incredible… the pics on Etsy don’t do them justice. The clever material framing makes installation and hanging much cleaner than others as well. I’ll be back for more soon!


The tapestry is absolutely exactly as advertised. It is beautiful and I was able to track it as it made its way across the Pacific. It arrived rather quickly actually!!


WoW!!!! The COLORS! I must say I am totally blown away by Pumayana’s art. The poster is on the highest quality paper out there, the sharpness of the images is outstanding, I get lost in this mans art! AMAZING! Thank you for bringing this awesome artist to my world!


I just can’t express in words how beautiful this tapestry is :) Pumayana is a master of color and design. From the amazing Fractil designs to the Sri Yantra and the Metatrons cube, seed and flower of life….it has it all!!!! I LOVE this mans work!!! The craftsmanship is excellent. I simply love looking at this tapestry while I meditate, it truly takes me to another world :) Thank you :)


My god. This is such a high quality tapestry. The colors are vivid! I hung this beside my bed so I can wake up and fall asleep while getting lost in the gorgeous and intricate detail. Very highly recommended. Please consider purchasing this beautiful artwork. You will be so thankful you did!


I had bought another Mandala from this artist in October and was so pleased with it’s beauty that I ordered this one during the holidays. They are framed and over my bed. The serenity and richness of the intricate detail is very soothing. I highly recommend that you look through his wealth of inventory and buy the one that calls out to you. I have found nothing to match the detail and quality of the work.

Peace Of Light.

OMG this is just AWESOME. I love this and when I look at it, the energy it creates for me is amazing. I can’t stop looking at it, I love the matte finish and I want MORE of these so I will be back soon. This art is PHENOMENAL!! Highly Recommend. Amazing Gift you have for creating these!!! This definitely has soothed my soul by meditating on it! Many Thanks!


This item is more beautiful in hand than it appears on the site….fabulously creative and energetic. I have had several comments, and have recommended Pumayana’s work to all.


If you are considering Tapestries from this guy. Stop thinking about it and just buy it. They are so freaking nice.


Absolutely love them , major healing vibes from both sets of artwork ….I look at them every day . Love & light . Namaste x


EXTREME talent and amazing color and quality. love the thin sheer fabric of the tapestry. I am so super excited to have this hanging in my own place one day!


Absolutely beautiful!!!! The photograph does not do justice to this lovely creation. The colors are vibrant and the paper feels elegant. Very fast shipping, carefully packaged, and wonderful communication with the artist. Highly recommended


This is probably one of my favorite pieces I have hanging up in my room. It brings such a soothing energy to my room and every time I look at it, I always find a new way to look at it.


this print is great! package was thoughtful and neat, shipping was fast. I got it for my fiance and we both can’t wait to have it framed! the quality is amazing, colors are vivid and bright. I would recommend this product and buy from this shop again.


I am very happy with this work from Aurelien. This Shiva poster is in my meditation room and it is AMAZING. I will be purchasing more from him in the near future. My only problem is that I can’t decide which one to choose next. The colors and details have an effect on me that is mesmerizing. Namaste <3


This really is a very high quality print, the image just bursts into such fine detail when viewed in person. I am very happy with this print, I am trying hard to find a frame worthy of it.