About The Artist

Aurelien Pumayana Floret is a multi-dimensional Artist ahead of his time with his ability to capture intangible essences and energies beyond our senses.

By elegantly blending colours, sacred geometry and fractals; Aurélien’s artwork allows us to see the unseen and feel the deeper levels of our true selves.

Born in Paris, France in 1978, Aurélien Pumayana Floret had a great interest in nature and art as a child. Upon adulthood, he studied Graphic Design and had a stable career in the corporate world. Outside of work, he started creating multi-dimensional artworks, which was emerging as his true passion.

In 2005, he held his first exhibition in Paris with an overwhelming response. This prompted him to travel to Goa, India to pursue his spiritual path and true calling. Here he met Tibetan Monks and Indian Spiritualists who introduced him to the Art of Thangkas, mandalas and meditation. Aurélien was further inspired and continued to expand his creative scope and spiritual interest through the form of nature and Sacred Geometry.

Over the next 8 years, Aurélien travelled to the UK, Japan, Canada, South America and USA creating and exhibiting his artwork. Every exhibition was a confirmation; encouraging him to continue following his passion.

His love of music and sub-culture also led him to exhibit at music festivals where musicians and DJ’s wanted to collaborate; his artistic expression with their set. This prompted Aurélien to bring motion into his artwork, blending art pieces together to create ‘live visual journeys’.

In 2008, Aurélien held an exhibition in Byron Bay and fell in love with the place. At the end of 2010, Aurélien returned to Australia and decided to stay. Now permanently based here with his wife and son, Aurélien continues to create and show his unique artwork and perform live visual sets at galleries, festivals and events.