Steve Jack is a personal development leader, his activations will catapult you into a higher level of consciousness where you can soar and make your dreams of abundance reality.

Limitless Abunbance is a personal development experience into clearing your blocks to abundance, receiving money and self worth. Steve specialises in activating sacred codes of the universe to allow abundance to flow freely to you…
a fun and social event for like minded souls you won’t want to miss.

Robert Miles of OpenLab is a world renown Composer/Producer/DJ beginning his career DJ’ing in clubs and on the radio in the late ‘80s and soon rose to global prominence with his multi-million selling dream-house anthem ‘Children’. A resident DJ on the island Robert Miles has packed out clubs for over 15 years.

Clear, Activate, Dinner, Dance…
come and experience the magic yourself and get activated for abundance.

Clear your blocks to abundance, money and self worth.
Get tuned into a higher vibration.
Receive magic, healing, activation, breakthroughs, insights and transformation.

* Clearing and Activation Workshop
* Tasty Vegetarian Dinner
* Higher Consciousness DJ set and dancing

Are you ready to breakout of negative inherited collective mind patterns?

Meet like minded people and receive –

Energy Clearings
Transmissions from Christof Melchizedek

all in the beautiful, safe and magic space of Atzaro