Ajna tattoo studio is located in the rainforest 40 minutes outside of Byron Bay, on the traditional land of the Bundjalung people, NSW Australia.
Renowned tattoo artist and oil painter Claire Reid calls this piece of paradise home when not traveling and exhibiting around the world.
Jacob Gwynn joins Claire in an artistic collaboration, bringing his unique style of black and grey and colour realism tattooing. Together Ajna Tattoo Studio has a vision of high quality art and tattooing, alongside principles of living in harmony with the planet.
Visitors to Ajna will experience the transformative and creative energies of a studio that provides a space for people to connect with their spirit, revealing that which is within onto their skin.

Claire’s thoughts on working with Aurel:

I decided to have some artwork designed by Luminaya last year when I was going through a stage of wanting to represent my art and what I do in a more dynamic way. I was so drawn to  the depth of Aurel’s work and loved the different themes and dimensions he used along side the sacred geometry.

The design process was an amazing experience as Aurel made the effort to visit my studio so that he could get in tune with who I am and my artwork; he encouraged me to talk about my journey and what I am doing with my art, healings and way of life, he asked me a lot of questions and I really appreciated his sentiment of wanting to be in tune with who I am and representing me in the right way.

The conversation went very deep and the energy in the room was quite focused and intense in a good way, I felt happy to let Aurel design the piece for me as I love all if his other work and he understood what I wanted in the design.

The whole process flowed so easily and very soon after our meeting, Aurel had a draft design. I loved the image and from seeing this I had the idea to layer one of my paintings in the background.

We had many emails exchanged after this where Aurel would send progress shots of the work to make sure I was happy with the progress and I loved every step that he sent.

The end result is amazing, I’m using it for my website, my banners, my business cards and my logos, I get a lot of comments about the artwork and I’m so happy with the incredible piece! Thank you Aurel!